September 2010 News Bulletin 1

“There are a thousand details which I should desire to know before I decide upon our course of action.  Yet we have not a moment to lose.”



The Sherlockian ship weighs anchor on Sunday 26 September 2010 for yet another action packed season of adventures.  Click on About the Crew / 2010-2011 Sailing Schedule to catch the wave!  More detail can be found in The Look Out supplement which was recently issued to members.

Mayday Mayday makes a Century!

Our regular monthly newsletter celebrates its 100th issue this month.  Full details of our regular sailings, also crew news and info as well as the ship’s log for the May and June sailings are included in this four page edition.  Our ‘News etc’ feature is dominated by the reaction to the Sherlock drama series which was greeted by popular acclaim when it was shown on BBC One recently.

Sherlock to Return.

The hugely successful Sherlock drama series is due to return in Autumn 2011.  Three more 90-minute episodes of the drama series have been commissioned for BBC One,  the BBC Press Office announced on 28 August 2010.  Writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat say that “There will be old friends and new enemies – whether on four or two legs.”  Speculation is rife that The Hound of the Baskervilles  could be the inspiration for one of the new plots.


Canadian Showcase for Sherlock.

The first episode of BBC’s Sherlock drama aired in Canada, on Showcase, on Friday 10 September 2010.  There’s a dedicated page at


Cat and Mouse Games in Baker Street.

Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes, a full length feature was released straight to Region 2 DVD on 16 August 2010.  The film is actually c.48 minutes in length and not 75 minutes as indicated in our last bulletin.  The difference is explained somewhat by the extra feature – ‘How to draw Tom and Jerry!’

Undershaw Update.

ITV London Regional News carried a feature on Undershaw, the former home of Conan Doyle, on Friday 10 September 2010.  The easiest way to view this broadcast (only available if you live in the UK) and an earlier one on the same subject is to click on Paul Spiring’s own site (thanks Paul!)