August 2010 News Bulletin 1

“You can easily imagine, Mr. Holmes, how curious I became as to what the meaning of this extraordinary performance could possibly be.”


Sherlock – the Finale.

‘A battle of wits ensues between Sherlock and a stranger who seems to know all the answers.’  That’s the plotline for the third and final episode of Sherlock – The Great Game which is scheduled for Sunday 8 August 2010.  Screening time is 9.00 to 10.30pm on BBC One and also on BBC HD.  It’s repeated on the latter channel the following morning at 0.35am.  Note slight change in time again.  You can catch the episodes on the BBC iPlayer for a limited time.

Feedback on Episode Two.

Just like the previous week, Sherlock was the most watched show on Sunday night (1 August).  The figure of 6.422 million was lower than for the first episode, but still a very credible performance.  The audience share for the BBC One showing was 25.6% with a further 1% watching it on BBC HD which started an hour later.

Undershaw – It’s Not All Over Yet!

The battle may have been lost, but the fight goes on!  Despite the recent decision by Waverley Borough Council to grant planning permission to break up Undershaw, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at Hindhead, Surrey and turn it into several private homes, all is not lost.  A letter calling on Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, to block these “insensitive” plans was published in The Times, 31 July 2010.  To read the letter and the list of all 52 signatories which includes Oscar Ross, on behalf of our own society, go to  Note:  Times Newspapers now operate a subscription service for their website content.  Keep up to date at

SH2 – Brad Pitt Says No!

In the heat of the moment we nearly overlooked Warner Bros Sherlock Holmes, as if.   Filming of the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster is set to start shooting in October 2010, according to a report in the Daily Mail, 23 July 2010.  It also said that Brad Pitt, the preferred choice of director Guy Ritchie for the part of Moriarty was going to cost too much, so it seems that Daniel Day-Lewis may play ‘the Napoleon of crime’ instead.  December 2011 seems a likely release date in cinemas.

Ineffable Twaddle?

It’s been a slow burner, but at last our Forum Quarterdeck is seeing some action.  Click on it now and view the comments re the Sherlock series to date.  Agree?  Disagree?  Don’t let your views go unrecorded – get stuck in now!  You can comment on individual episodes, all three of them or any aspects of the series you want to talk about – it’s entirely your choice.