July 2010 News Bulletin 4

“Excellent!” said Holmes.  “Pray continue.”

Coming up in Sherlock 2.

‘Can Sherlock & John solve the case of a mysterious and deadly cypher?’  You’ll find out if you watch episode 2 of Sherlock  – The Blind Banker which will be screened on Sunday 1 August at 8.30 to 10pm on BBC One.  It’s also being shown at 9.30 to 11pm the same evening on BBC HD (with a repeat being aired the following day at 1am).  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t4pgh.

If you miss any episodes, then for a limited time you can catch them on the BBC iPlayer.

The Verdict on Episode 1.

Unofficial overnight audience figures showed that A Study in Pink attracted over 7 million viewers and peaked at 7.4 million, that’s a healthy 28.5% audience share.  Reports have also reached us that the BBC Audience Index has given the episode 87 marks out of 100, yet another good result.

There’s been a drum roll of approval for the episode from many quarters, but not everyone’s cheering.  Lead the way on our Forum Quarterdeck, whether it’s music to your ears, or not!

DVD Due September.

The fan site www.sherlocking.org reports that the BBC will release a Sherlock DVD in September. It’s not clear if this will feature all 3 episodes but there’s a strong hint that the ‘binned’ pilot episode may be included.  Pre-orders are already being taken by Amazon.co.uk.

And There’s More!

The BBC has a hit on its hands which means it’s highly likely that they will commission a second Sherlock series but it could be at least a year before we get to see it.