Sailing Schedules

“Everything was in order”


25 September: RSS, Canary Wharf. Study/Quiz on Wist.

30 October: RSS, Osborne Quay. Study/Quiz on Bruc.

27 November: RSS, Willows Wharf. Study/Quiz on Devi.

1 December: The Annual Dinner.

6 January: The Birthday Celebration, Kylemore Quay.

26 February: RSS, Osborne Quay. Study/Quiz on Red C.

30 April: RSS, Willows Wharf. Study/Quiz on Dyin (plus a Quiz on Lady).

11 June: The Annual Outing/Loose Canon 12: Sherlock Holmes on the Belfast Stage.


24 September: RSS, Willows Wharf. Study/Quiz on Last.

Details for the remainder of the calendar year will be posted here in September.