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News Bulletin 290

“The date being…?”*

This is a short bulletin to mark the 25th anniversary of The Crew of the S.S. May Day, Northern Ireland’s  first and only Sherlock Holmes Society. To be precise as to detail, 1992 was a leap year and the date we first set sail was February 29th. That’s it!



News Bulletin 289

“This is beyond anything which I could have imagined”*


Sunday 15 January

Sherlock, 3/3, S4, ‘The Final Problem’, BBC1, 9.00pm. 

This episode is also being shown simultaneously in 300+ cinemas across UK/Ireland. Bulletin 287 includes the cinema list, which is not fully comprehensive – see Bulletin 288 for more.

You’ll find a link to the trailer for tonight’s episode (and a chance to watch ‘The Lying Detective’ – you need a licence for this) here.

Elementary, 5/24, S5, Sky Living, 9.00pm (repeat of episode first shown on 10th).


Tuesday 17 January

Elementary, 6/24, S5, Sky Living, 9.00pm.


Thursday 19 January

Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman (1944), TCM, 7.50pm.

Sherlock, 3/3, S3 (repeat), Alibi, 8.00pm.



The Undiscovered Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, 3/6, Radio4 Extra, 9.30am, 4.30pm (and 4.30am on 19th). The comedy series starring Roy Hudd and June Whitfield continues its repeat run. You can catch-up with previous episodes here.

Radio Times Book Offer

The token for the third and final “free” book in the series, The Five Orange Pips and Other Cases, is in this week’s Radio Times (issue w/c 14 January).


Sherlock 4 on DVD & Blu-ray

Sherlock Series 4 will be released on DVD (Region 2) and Blu-ray (Region B/2) on 23 January in UK/Ireland.

Box sets (DVD & Blu-ray formats) containing Sherlock Series 1-4 and ‘The Abominable Bride’ will also be released in UK/Ireland on 23 January.


Sherlock 4 in USA

Episode 3 is being shown today on PBS. It will also be shown in movie theaters there on 16 and 18 January. The DVD for Region 1 and Blu-ray for Region A/1 will be released on 24 January.