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News Bulletin 260

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Which Sherlock Holmes is best? It’s a toss up here between McKellen, Miller, Cumberbatch or Downey Jr. But what about Brett, Cushing, Wilmer, Rathbone, et al? Ancient or modern, who does it for you?





News Bulletin 259

“But about this picture”

Mr. Holmes opens today in movie theatres across the US. Many thanks to Peter Blau for sharing some of the latest reviews from the media there: New York Times; Washington Post; Rolling Stone; National Public Radio.







News Bulletin 258

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Sherlock Special – The Trailer

The teaser video for the BBC’s Sherlock standalone episode – no definite date but hopefully we’re still talking about some time around Christmas – strikes a traditional tone. It includes a clever nod to the original Granada series starring Jeremy Brett (Hooray!).

Watch the trailer here (along with accompanying article, courtesy of the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere website).

The Radio Times Sherlock page is also worth a look (includes trailer too).

The fourth series has been delayed, as some of you will already know, so 2017 looks like the earliest we’ll get to see it.