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News Bulletin 221

“At No.221B, Baker Street”*

Anchors Aweigh!

The game is afoot as the May Day sets sail again this Sunday (28th). The Study and Study Quiz are on The Dancing Men. The title of The Sunday Picture Show, the first film presentation of the new season, will be revealed on the day. We will also, albeit briefly, mark the publication centenary of The Valley of Fear and the centenary of Holmes’ last adventure, His Last Bow. How will we manage to squeeze all this into two and a bit hours?


Always on Schedule

You can always find out what’s happening on board the Sherlockian ship during 2014/2015 by clicking here.


No Sith, Sherlock

Murder Mystery Comedy Night

Belfast Barge, on River Lagan beside Waterfront Hall. 3 October 2014. 8.00pm. £15.

As part of this year’s Belfast Comedy Festival, and in a barge not so far away, Crazy Cat Comedy presents No Sith, Sherlock, an intergalactic night of Star Wars-themed murder mystery comedy.

There will be prizes for the best fancy dress and the ticket price includes a Jedi supper – but don’t forget to BYOB and ensure you keep your light saber safety lock switched on!

If you go to this event, and you’re not too spaced out afterwards, do let us know what occurred.

This year’s Belfast Comedy Festival sounds like another bellyful of laughs. It runs from 24 September to 5 October.





Museum of London

17 October 2014 – 12 April 2015

“Holmes is an icon of London,” says curator Alex Werner. “He is the most famous Londoner who has never lived and will never die.” “We want to get under the skin of Sherlock. The time is right, his profile has never been higher.”  [Maeve Kennedy, The Guardian, 20 May 2014]

This year the Museum of London welcomes an exciting new exhibition, delving into the mind of the world’s most famous fictional detective; Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Asking searching questions such as who is Sherlock Holmes, and why does he still conjure up such enduring fascination, this major exhibition – London’s first on the detective since 1951 – will explore how Sherlock Holmes has transcended literature onto stage and screen and continues to attract huge audiences to this day. Going beyond film and fiction, visitors to the museum will be transported to the real Victorian London – the backdrop for many of Conan Doyle’s stories. Through early film, photography, paintings and original artefacts, the exhibition will recreate the atmosphere of Sherlock’s London, with visitors able to envisage the places that the detective visited and imagine they are standing on the pavement of the Strand watching the horse drawn traffic pass by.

Find out more here and watch a short trailer here.


Anthony Horowitz on Moriarty

Monday 27 October, 7-8.30pm at the Museum of London

Join BAFTA-winning writer Anthony Horowitz O.B.E as he explores his newly released novel, Moriarty. In conversation with Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture, Clare Pettitt, and Chief Curator of the Sherlock exhibition, Alex Werner. This event is followed by a book signing.


TV Spot

There are plenty of opportunities to watch the Granada Sherlock Holmes series on ITV3 this week. Some of us can never have enough of Jeremy Brett. Catch-up here.

Also on ITV3, a new run of the Specsavers Crime Thriller Club started on Monday 15th. No idea if any SH content in the new series but what’s not to like about the show’s host, Bradley Walsh. You can catch-up here.

Ian Richardson stars in The Sign of Four (1983), one of the only two appearances he made as Sherlock Holmes. It’s on Movie Mix (Freeview 32) today (25th) at 2.40pm.


Big Bang Theory Sherlock

And here’s one for our Commodore, who is a big fan of Big Bang Theory. Sorry we don’t have anything about Neighbours to go with this.


Bargain Bucket Dept

Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair (Wordsworth paperback, 2007), a pastiche by David Stuart Davies, was spotted in Poundland (Connswater Centre, Belfast) on Monday 22nd. It’s probably available elsewhere in the chain. In Poundland’s “Replay” section (same store), we spotted a reconditioned DVD of Sherlock Holmes (2009), starring Downey Jnr. and Jude Law. Whether this is on sale in other stores, we cannot possibly say. As to the price of these items, surely we don’t have to spell it out!


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News Bulletin 220

“He was always a man of iron nerve”*


Part 1 tonight @ 9pm on Channel 4

This brand new US drama (in two parts) premiered in the States on September 1st and 2nd. Written by Nicholas Meyer – Remember The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976)? – and starring Adrien Brody, it follows the epic tale of Harry Houdini as he emerges from humble beginnings to become America’s first bona fide, world-renowned superstar.

From the US, Peter Blau tells us: “I’ve recorded the program, but have watched only the first two hours . . . and have seen a trailer for the second two hours, in which Conan Doyle does appear.  It’s strange that they’ve not put the full cast up at the Internet Movie Data Base, but I’m sure they’ll get round to it.  There’s a mixture of fact and fiction . . . and quite a bit of fiction.”

“John Cox has a Wild About Harry website and discusses the film in great detail . . . but I recommend that you watch the film first, because there are all sorts of spoilers in Cox’s comments,” adds Peter.

This link will tell you something about what some have called “the unlikely friendship” between Houdini and Conan Doyle.

Part 2 is next Sunday (14th) @ 9pm.




News Bulletin 219

“Our material is rapidly accumulating”*

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