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News Bulletin 202

“Good heavens, Holmes, this is intolerable.”*


Six of the Best

Will Russian remake of Luther be the next Sherlock?

Theme Park, my dear Watson? Also, here and here.

That was no lady

Watson actually was a woman

On Jeremy Brett

10 reasons why Brett was best ever Holmes


Six More

Another curious incident at the Museum

Sherlock and the European catastrophe

10 Greatest Watsons

Sherlock Holmes may now vote Labour

Well Red

The Mary Celeste and Conan Doyle


TV Highlights

They Might Be Giants on Film4, Monday 24 February at 4.55pm. 

A rare outing for this 1971 comedy-drama. A New York lawyer (George C. Scott) starts to think he’s Sherlock Holmes and takes his psychiatrist Dr. Watson (Joanne Woodward) on a dark, surreal adventure in the city. 

“It’s such an evocative, unusual Holmes film,” John Addy tells us, to which Roger Johnson adds: “They Might Be Giants is a delight. I’ve always liked it, but seeing it again after getting to know something of New York added to my enjoyment.”   

Film Guide       Review 


Up the Creek with Sherlock

The new Jonathan Creek (Series 5)  is taking a poke at Sherlock. Episode 1 (0f 3) is on BBC One, Friday 28 February at 9pm.

Watch a clip here.


Britain’s Great War – the Sherlock Holmes connection

The opening sequence of the final part of Jeremy Paxman’s new 4-part BBC One documentary will be of specific interest to all Holmesians. You can catch the programme here, for a limited period. There was a Conan Doyle reference too, albeit a brief one, in the previous week’s programme (part 3 is also on the I Player).


Weekly Links Compendium Jan 25 to Feb 14


“Website of the Week”

Art in the blood


“I did exactly what you advised”**


*Fina 475   ** Fina 475








News Bulletin 201

“I am delighted to hear it,” said I, heartily*


Elementary is back!

Tuesday 18 February at 9pm on Sky Living (10/24)

Season 2 in pictures


Six of the best!

Sherlock, Elementary and the adaptation problem

Sheldon or Sherlock: who said what?

A scandal in Baker Street

TV: New Russian Sherlock Holmes subtitled

The definitive Sherlock Holmes

Blockbuster, my dear Watson


New in the Crow’s Nest

Sherlock – a truly dreadful programme


Website of the Week


*Norw 507

News Bulletin 200

“I regret that I have kept you waiting,” said I, sitting down in my library-chair.*


At the heart of the Crew

While some of us obviously love the “new” Sherlock and/or Elementary, some of us clearly don’t.  None of these love/hate relationships can however disrupt our ongoing love affair with the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or, when we are playing ‘The Game,’ by Dr. John H. Watson, of course.

Studying the Canon, right from day one, has always been at the heart of the Crew’s on board activities. Our current studies in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes conclude later this month with ‘The Final Problem.’

Following a short hiatus in March (when we go out and about for Reel Back 1), our studies in The Return of Sherlock Holmes will commence in April when we enter ‘The Empty House.’

We’ve just given our Home Page a makeover to reflect our forthcoming ‘Return.’ 


Watson’s first wife

The late Fraser Smyth was one of our founding members, back in 1992. Fraser, who died in 1996, had the previous year published his own pastiche, The diaries of Mrs. John H. Watson nee Morstan. A few copies of the First Edition of this hardback book are still available for sale, for £10 (plus postage). Anyone interested should contact Mrs. Anna Smyth at .


Good News (for some)

Hooray! Elementary returns to Sky Living on 18 February at 9pm. This will be Episode 10 from Season 2. Viewers on this side of the Irish Sea are reminded that RTE2 continues to run Season 1 on a weekly basis (every Thursday night).


Bad News (for some)

Sherlock Series 4 may be delayed till 2016. Clearly that’s bad news for some, though some others of our acquaintance will be absolutely thrilled at the very idea of it, indeed we even know of one or two in particular who would cheer loudly to the rafters if Sherlock disappeared off a tall cliff forever.  One thing we can be sure about, though, there’s absolutely little or no chance of that happening for a very, very long time.


Close to shark bait

In his article ‘Sherlock – a truly dreadful programme’, for our Elementary, my dear Sherlock Supplement (published February 2014) , Alex Kane refers to, and briefly quotes from an article which Editor Mike Gilson wrote for the Belfast Telegraph just after Episode 1 of the new Series aired. You can read Gilson’s article in full here.


Still on Sherlock

America reacts to Sherlock Series 3 Finale.

Sherlock – the spin-off?

Sherlock shouldn’t be someone you’d want to cosy up with, says Cumberbatch. Be sure to read the comments which follows this piece.

Gay club scene cut from last Sherlock series

Cumberbatch’s little bit of fun video



Holmes & Watson sign in at Pebble Beach


It’s a quirky world!

Thanks to Peter Blau for digging this one out for us.


I hear of Sherlock everywhere on Flipboard


Website of the Week

Baker Street Babes


Remember that our Links pages have an absolute of shipload of connections to the world of Sherlock Holmes. You are only a click or two away.

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News Bulletin 199

“I suppose I shall have to come and have a look at it”*

Sherlock: The First CSI is on  Five, this coming Wednesday (5th) at 10pm. The feeling is that this is actually How Sherlock Changed the World, recently shown the National Geographic channel (UK), with a new title. That was a longer documentary than this one, so, if it is the same programme, it’s either been edited or we’re going to get a part 2 (as happened in the US where it was shown in two episodes of an hour each).

Sherlock Holmes: the original fandom

Holmes helps out, again

It’s ElemenTory

What’s next for Sherlock 4?

And the winner is….

It’s up the Creek for Sherlock

T-shirt contest

“Some monstrous beast”

“A vacant place”

You Tube Reaction Video

I Hear of Sherlock everywhere on flipboard


*Blac 563