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News Bulletin 188

“My dear Holmes,” I exclaimed


It’s Mr. Holmes’ birthday today. The ship sails tonight at 7.30pm.


Sherlock Episode 2

Indy Sherlock Review

Twitter Reaction


Episode 2 Catch-up

Missed it? Watch Here!


NEW! Episode 3 Trailer









News Bulletin on Sunday 187

“There is a curt announcement that the wedding had taken place”*

Sherlock’s back tonight!

NEW! Sherlock at 8.30pm on BBC One. 

Series 3, Episode 2: ‘The Sign of Three’.+

Before that, you might want to catch Celebrity Mastermind at 7pm on BBC One. The programme includes crime author Mark Billingham among the contestants. Will he be tackling Sherlock, one of the specialist subjects in tonight’s line up? 

Potential Spoiler Content follows:

Picture Preview

Wedding Photos

And there’s even more Sherlock, if that’s what you want:

Mark Gatiss interviews Martin Freeman

Shave for Sherlock

Hypable’s 10 favourite moments of Episode 1


Without a clue

Won’t tell you the outcome of the University Challenge – Christmas 2013 Final (3 January), in case you didn’t see it, but let’s just say that one of the team’s knowledge of Sherlock Holmes was a trifle feeble. Catch it here.


Are fans setting the Sherlock agenda?

Thank goodness Joe Marino is a Guardian reader, otherwise we might have overlooked this thought provoking article.


TV & Radio Guide 4-10 January

+BBC One Schedule is for London. If you are unsure about programme times, click here, then scroll down to ‘London Change your Location,’ and click again. 

* Nobl 289

That’s enough! [Editor]





News Bulletin 186: TV & Radio Guide

“I will do my best”*

A Viewing & Listening Guide

for 4-10 January 2014



Saturday 4

Elementary at 7pm on Sky Living. Season 1, Episodes 21 & 22.


Sunday 5

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes at 9.55am on ITV3.

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) at 4.15pm on Sky Family.

Elementary at 7pm on Sky Living. Season 1, Episodes 23 & 24.

Celebrity Mastermind at 7pm on BBC One. Contestants include author Mark Billingham. Subjects include Sherlock.

NEW! Sherlock at 8.30pm on BBC One.

Series 3, Episode 2: ‘The Sign of Three’.

Also: Agatha Christie’s Poirot: ‘The ABC Murders’ – at 6.40pm on ITV3. Included here only because this happens to be Oscar’s favourite Poirot episode. Note: The end of this episode clashes with the start of Sherlock!


Monday 6

Birthday Celebration tonight, so no TV for some of us!

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes at 8.10am on ITV3.

Elementary at 10pm on Sky Living. Another go at Episode 24 wraps up this repeat run of Season 1.

Murdoch Mysteries at 11pm on Alibi. Season 1, Episode 4 – ‘Elementary, My Dear Murdoch’ – was the first Murdoch episode to feature a SH and/or ACD theme. Since then there have been three similarly themed episodes, Episode 9 (also Season 1) – ‘Belly Speaker’ – being the first of these. 

Nothing more happened until Season 6, Episode 4 – ‘A Study in Sherlock’ – which a number of us will have already seen.  The latest SH/ACD one, from new Season 7, is still to air in the UK. Funnily enough, this new one is also an episode 4, which can’t be a co-incidence, can it?

Murdoch Mysteries Episode Guide

Also: New! Father Brown at 2.15pm on BBC One.  Series 2, Episode 1 (daily from Monday to Friday for two weeks). G. K. Chesterton’s sleuth returns for another series, again in a daytime slot.

New! Star Trek into Darkness (2013) at 8pm on Sky Premiere. In another life, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a rogue Starfleet officer.

New! Great British Railway Journeys. This is Series 5, Episode 1: ‘Manchester to Birkenhead’ (continues daily Mon.-Fri.). It may bring back some nice memories for those of us who were at the London Society’s Liverpool Weekend (‘Lend me your ears’), back in 2003. (now daily from Monday to Friday)


Tuesday 7

Sherlock, Series 1, Episode 1 at 9pm on Alibi. Yet another repeat run commences.

No sign of Elementary returning to Sky Living yet . The next episode will be number 10.

Also: Family Guy at 9pm on Fox. Series 9. No obvious SH connections but perhaps there might be when Peter and Brian become detectives.


Wednesday 8

Sherlock at 7pm on Alibi. Having spent the money buying  series 1, Alibi is certainly milking it! This is episode 1, again.

Sherlock at 9pm on RTE2. It’s another chance to see the second series, starting with episode 1, ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’.  

Also: New! Midsomer Murders at 8pm on ITV. Episode 2: ‘Let us Prey’.  Can there be anyone still alive in Midsomer?  Apparently so.


Thursday 9

Elementary at 10.30pm on RTE2. Another repeat run of Season 1, starting with Episode 1. Of more significance, this is the first screening of Elementary on terrestrial TV in these islands (it’s been a Sky Living exclusive up to now). What with Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows last weekend, and Sherlock yesterday, RTE is really getting into SH, isn’t it? All in all, it’s great news for viewers on this side of the Irish Sea.


Friday 10

New! Sherlock at 9pm on BBC Three. Series 3, Episode 2 (repeat of last Sunday’s episode).



Monday  6

Lord Peter Wimsey : ‘Have his carcase’ at 8pm on BBC Radio 4Extra (daily Monday to Friday).


Tuesday  7

The Return of Sherlock Holmes at 11.15am, 9.15pm (also 4.15am next morning) on BBC Radio 4Extra. The celebrated series, starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams continues each day until Friday (same time slots). Stories this week include Danc and Soli.


Friday 10

Dixon of Dock Green at 8.30am, 1.30pm (also 1.30am next morning) on BBC Radio 4Extra. The old familiar call of “Evening all!” will bring back memories for one or two of us (only one or two?) with this adaptation of Ted Willis’s TV series, starring David Calder and David Tennant. This is episode 1 of 6.


A Parting Note from the Website Editor

Well, it’s not exactly ‘Seeing and Observing,’ is it? If you want Alex’s much lamented weekly series back, suggest you make contact and tell him how much you miss it, then see where that gets you.




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News Bulletin 185

“I was much astounded by this programme”*

TV & Radio Tonight

If you missed it, or want to have another go, there’s a repeat of Sherlock Episode 1 (first shown on Wednesday 1st) at 9pm on BBC Three.

BBC TV Guide

News that Sherlock Holmes (2009), the first of the two Warner Bros blockbusters, is showing on TV tonight may seem no big deal, but this is a first on terrestrial TV in these islands. It’s on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.

RTE TV Guide

Up to now, Sky Movies have had a exclusive on this film (in these parts anyway), and have shown it countless times. Since then they’ve also signed up to Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows (2011), which is getting another outing on Sky Showcase at 8pm.

Over on Sky Living at 7pm, Elementary continues another complete rerun, with two episodes each night. These are numbers 19 and 20. 

For those who prefer the original stories, there’s another chance to listen to ‘The Norwood Builder.’ It’s on BBC Radio4 Extra at 9.15pm, also tonight.


Sherlock – More Reaction

Last night’s Evening Extra (2 January) on BBC Radio Ulster featured a short interview (this included comments from a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London) on the previous night’s first episode of Sherlock. The clip is about 55 minutes into the programme. There are other references to Sherlock in the run-up to that including a caustic comment from one listener. You can listen to the programme here. Following that, Arts Extra (same station) also had a Sherlock item. You can listen to that show (it’s about 30 minutes long) here.


Radio Times Free Books Offer

For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the Token in the Radio Times ‘Double issue,’ there’s no need to worry. The new Radio Times (4-10 January) contains the Token for book 2 and a reprint of the Token for book 1. The next issue (11-17 January), on sale from Tuesday (7th), will have Token 3 for the third book. While the books are free, you need to send the 3 Tokens plus £1.99 for postage to get all three books.

It’s good to see Radio Times encouraging people to read the stories which inspired the new Sherlock series – The Return, The Sign of Four and other stories, and His Last Bow. 

The Radio Times now on sale includes a 4-page special on the new Sherlock plus other related bits and bobs. The latest TV Times (4-10 January) also contains a good Sherlock feature.

Radio Times Sherlock (see the print issue re book offer)




>News also carries latest weather/travel across UK /Ireland

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News Bulletin 184: Evening Extra

“What did you make of that, Watson?” Holmes whispered.*


Viewers flock to Sherlock

Almost 10 million tune in for Sherlock

Sherlock breaks Twitter record


Sherlock Reviews

These reviews contain/may contain spoilers!

Guardian review

Independent review

Daily Telegraph review

Baker Street Babes review

And one definitely spoiler-free review!

Alistair Duncan’s Sherlock review



*Prio 553







News Bulletin 183: Evening Extra

“Good heavens!” I cried. “It is marvellous.”*

It’s the Final Countdown!


*Empt 489



New Year’s Day Bulletin 182

 ‘As my eyes fell upon it, I gave a gasp and a cry of amazement’*


BBC One Tonight at 9pm

Sherlock Series 3

Episode 1 ‘The Empty Hearse’

Episode 1 Preview [includes mild spoilers]

Steven Moffat interviews Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Official Website


Home for Holmes

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