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News Bulletin 103

“Look at this, Watson,”  he cried


Larry Hagman Dies, Aged 81

While he’ll be forever remembered as the unscrupulous oil baron J.R. Ewing in Dallas, in an earlier life he played the part of a Los Angles cop who falls off his motorcycle, strikes his head and wakes up believing he is Sherlock Holmes. That was in the 1976 TV Movie The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective, when Hagman played the part of  Sherman Holmes  alongside Jenny O’Hara as Dr. Joan Watson, the social worker who was treating him.  Elementary or what?

The numerous obituaries include the BBC News and the Daily Telegraph.


Elementary Update

It was only really a matter of time before ‘the woman’ arrived in Elementary, by which we mean, of course, Irene Adler.  This got us wondering if her appearance might be just quite as revealing as Laura Pulver’s was in the BBC’s Sherlock.

So pleased are CBS with Elementary that they’ve added another two episodes, so now it’s up to a full season of 24. And now we also hear that Elementary has helped shares in Sky to soar.


It’s Final Stop Reichenbach

Accompanied by his trusty Bradshaw, Michael Portillo takes in the heady delights of Switzerland on the latest leg of his European railway tour. And of course, we can hardly express surprise to note that journey’s end will be at the Reichenbach Falls.

Great Continental Railway Journeys is this coming Thursday 29 November 2012 at 9pm on BBC2 (repeated Wednesday 5 November 2012).


Commercial Break!

Beecham has recruited Sherlock Holmes to promote its All in One Capsules. Watch the TV commercial here.


ACD Makes History

BBC Radio4’s Making History (6/6) tomorrow (Tuesday 27 November 2012) at 3pm has an interesting item which features Conan Doyle.



Mr Holmes would have been proud of this young fellow. Find out how he nabbed the burglar here!


“A Bargain, Every One Of Them” At HMV

HMV in Belfast’s Castle Place  (and elsewhere?) are offering the BBC Sherlock  Series 1 & 2 box set  for £12, Sherlock Holmes (2009) + Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) box set for £10 and  The Definitive Sherlock Holmes ( All 14 Basil Rathbone films)  box set for only £15.








News Bulletin 102

“Interesting and indeed essential as these details are”

Happy Birthday Auntie Beeb!

BBC Radio is celebrating its ninetieth birthday tomorrow (Wednesday 14 November 2012) by broadcasting a special three-minute programme – Radio Reunited – across its network of 60 stations (including Radio Ulster). It’s going out at 5.33pm, the exact time that the BBC first broadcast on 14 November 1922.

BBC Radio has helped to keep the memory green over many years, so we join with Holmesians and Sherlockians everywhere and take this opportunity to wish Auntie many happy returns!


Elementary Viewers

Elementary got off to a positive start in the UK, topping Sky Living’s Top 10 ratings for w/e 28/09 with 918,000 viewers.  The pilot episode also picked up 388,000 (no.3 spot) with its first repeat (24/09) and another 159,000 for a further repeat on 28/09. The third repeat (29/10) was included in the Top 10 (w/e 4/10) with 140,000.

‘While you were sleeping’ (Episode 2) did even better, topping Sky Living’s Top 10 (w/e 4/10) with a resounding 1,119,000 for 30/09. The repeat the following day (31/09) again took third spot, with 320,000 watching. Episode 2 also topped the Sky Living +1 Top 10 with 155,000 for 30/09.

[Source: BARB]

Peter Blau says it continues to win in its time slot in the US, which has pleased CBS so much that the network has ordered the “back nine” (bringing the total number of episodes to 22) for a complete season.  

You can keep up with Elementary here.


Multi Tasking Lucy Liu

Not content with just acting as Jonny Lee Miller’s companion in Elementary, Lucy Liu has  joined the Southland series where she’s also got a sidekick role as John Cooper’s new partner. Series 4 (1/10) starts on More4 on Thursday 15 November at 10pm.


SH2 on Sky Soon

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) is set to screen on Sky Movies Premiere (also HD) from 28 December 2012. It’ll also be available via Sky on Demand from the same date.


Rebus’s Nod

Rebus: The Black Book, Radio4’s Classic Serial (1/2), broadcast last Sunday (11 November 2012) was an adaptation of Ian Rankin’s 1993 crime thriller set in Edinburgh. Starring Ron Donachie as maverick inspector John Rebus, it included a nod to our world, a DS Holmes and a CS Watson.

It’s repeated this Saturday 17 November with the concluding episode the following day (18th) at 3pm. Here’s the iPlayer link to episode 1 (until Sunday).


Tunnel Vision

On the surface The Bank Job (2008), a heist thriller apparently based on a true story, has nothing whatsoever to do with Sherlock Holmes. Apart from the fact that is, that it involves a gang of crooks tunnelling into a bank from adjacent premises. Now, what case does that remind you of?  Oh! We nearly forgot to mention that the bank is in Baker Street!  Bank Job is getting a repeat on Film4 on Friday 16 November at 9pm. 


Have you seen Alex Kane’s latest SEEING and OBSERVING Guide yet? 



News Bulletin 101

“What do you make of this Watson?”

New Scotland Yard for sale

Forced to save a heap of money – its budget has been slashed – the Metropolitan Police has put New Scotland Yard up for sale. It’s not the building Holmes would have been familiar with. You can read the BBC News story here.

Hindhead Golf Club raid

Hindhead Golf Club in Surrey has had its trophy cabinet emptied by thieves, believed to have been looking for metal to melt down. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a founding member of the club, was its first President, in 1904. The link to the story is here, with the club’s website here.

We’re made-up for Sherlock

Like many advertisers before them, Rimmel Cosmetics has adopted the Sherlock look for its latest TV commercial. You can see we’ve got it covered here.


CBS has given Elementary the green light for a full season. Nine more episodes have been added to the original thirteen.

Keep abreast with Elementary developments here.

No more Moriarty?

Looks like Moriarty won’t return for Sherlock series 3 (due to go into production early next year).  It says this in The Sun so it must be true.

Talking about Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager in a new film. Again, we read this in The Sun.

Literary Transport

The other day, while browsing in our local Waterstones, we spotted a shelf full of mugs and books with a literary theme. The range is called ‘Literary Transport’ and includes The Hound of the Baskervilles. Waterstones in Belfast (and we presume across the chain) are charging £6.99 for the mug and £8.99 for the book.  We couldn’t find these items on their website but perhaps we didn’t look hard enough. The range is also available from other retailers including online, an example of which you can find here.