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News Bulletin 40

“I have jotted down the more essential ones upon this sheet of paper, together with a few addresses which you will find of service.”

Guy Ritchie Talks Sherlock Holmes 2.

What’s all this about a mysterious embroidered hanky and Mycroft in his birthday suit?

Virginia School Bans A Study In Scarlet.

Something about it being offensive to Mormons, we hear, and nothing whatsoever to do with J.F. Christ’s choice of code for the case under scrutiny

 Sherlock Debuts On Irish TV.

RTÉ2 began showing the BBC’s 3-part Sherlock series on Tuesday 16 August 2011 at 9pm. Episodes 2 and 3 will be transmitted on the 23rd and 30th respectively, in the same time slot

Historic Music Hall Saved.

Wilton’s in London, the world’s oldest surviving music hall, has been saved from closure. It was recently used as a filming location for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Pastiche With A Difference!

The Case of the Grave Accusation by Dick Neely (edited by our member Paul Spiring) was published by MX Publishing on 27 June 2011 in paperback and Kindle formats.

This is pastiche but pastiche with a difference! A century after the publication of The Hound of the Baskervilles, the relevance of both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson is jeopardised. Their creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is accused of stealing the narrative for the supreme adventure from a friend called Bertram Fletcher Robinson. Worse still it is also alleged that Sir Arthur committed adultery, blackmail and murder in order to conceal his act of plagiarism. The stage is now set for the return of Holmes and Watson to Dartmoor in Devon!

You’ll find a selection of reviews on the first link and you’ll be able to order on the second one:

News Bulletin 39

“I have not had time to explain it.”

More Old Beech’s Holmes.

Not exactly a Sherlock Holmes adventure, but its inclusion here, for which we offer no apologies, will become blatantly obvious to anyone tuning in. Written by Michael Chaplin, this new 2-part series of Two Pipe Problem (don’t you just love the way they keep tweaking the title?) on BBC Radio4 FM stars Richard Briers as William and Stanley Baxter as Sandy.

Episode 1: ‘Here Doggie’ airs on Thursday 11 August 2011 at 2.15pm. The following day, 12 August 2011, it’s ‘The Case of the Missing Meerschaum’ in the same time slot. This episode sounds particularly promising as William and Sandy reprise their Holmes and Watson roles to tackle the theft of a famous pipe at a Sherlock Holmes convention.

The show is Eddie Mair’s ‘Pick of the Week’ in the current Radio Times (w/c 6 August 2011) – see page 115. Programme details are on pages 129 and 131, also there’s an interesting unrelated letter on pages 140/141.

BBC Sherlock…It’s A Case Of Not Just Yet!

Ditch any plans to watch BBC1’s follow-up to its hit Sherlock series this autumn because it isn’t happening, at least not as we had been led to believe. According to the continuity announcer at the conclusion of the rerun of series 1 on Wednesday 3 August 2011, the new 3-parter won’t be along till next year. Our spies tell us that January 2012 is the best we can do for the moment in trying to pin a date on this one

Meantime, here are a few more Sherlock stories which you might like to mull over: